Happy New Home

Photo by Christian Seim

This is my second finger style guitar album released in December 2017.

After settling in a new flat in Berlin I was happy to write some acoustic music and celebrate moods on the guitar while exploring the nuances of the sound of my new home.



















Ivo Vollering

Photo by David Dollmann

This is my first "just one acoustic guitar" record and I'm proud to present nine tracks.

After playing and arranging a lot of finger style music from various artists in the last years I decided to do some songwriting in this particular style. The outcome is a selection of compositions I came up with during this process lasting a whole year. The style of music reaches from ambient to bluegrassy tunes and covers a variety of moods. I'm curios if it can connect to yours too.















I'm happy if you have a listen and even more happy when you support me with a purchase of a digital or hard copy of this CD :)

If you want to see me playing go to my Youtube Channel. I do upload new videos from time to time. Or come to a show - I do private and public shows. I'm also open for any requests about playing somewhere. So don't hesitate to ask!

So much for now - new songs are already on the go and I'm heading for a new release next fall. Deadlines are so helpful ;)

Best, Ivo

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Happy New Home - Album

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Ivo Vollering - Album

Album comes in a cardboard insert pocket.

10,00 €

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